11 Best Blogging Niches that is Profitable 2020

best blogging niches

Confused about what blogging niche to settle down for?

There are different blogging niches that you can choose. Not all blogging niches are profitable and not all have an already based audience. This is why pro bloggers advise newbies to carefully select their blogging niche.

A blogging niche is a topic you want to blog about. A blogging niche can be anything that can be taught and written about.

Do you have a lovely pet or are you a lover of pets, then you can be a pet blogger.

Some bloggers go to the extent of blogging about some hilarious things that you can’t just imagine.

But that does not mean you can actually make money on such blogs.

Let get started.

So I can guess who you are.

You are a new blogger and just started your blog. Or you are a pro blogger looking for a change in niche or starting a new blog.

This post is for you. But if you are yet to start a blog, then you can click on this guide written by Stan Edoms at StartUpTipsDaily Tips on how to start a WordPress blog.

You must have heard of high paying niche!

And trust they really exist; high paying blogging niche that can generate revenues for you.

But, you must know that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme.

If that is what you think blogging is, then you can forget about blogging and read our guide on small scale businesses you can start in 2019.

But sure, if you are a pro blogger, you can easily grow your blog faster within 6 months.

So let dive into what a blogging niche is.

What Is A Blogging Niche?

Here is an example, Michael is a fashion designer and wants to go digital by starting a blog. After getting our e-book on growing a perfect blog, he decided to follow his passion and start a Fashion blog.

A blog about mainly fashion is a niche blog while a blog about technology and fashion is a multi-niche blog.

Now, the idea behind this is that it is easier to monetise a niche blog than a multi-niche blog.

And I am sure you have heard of this before.

And that is why I would not go deep into this and just give you a list of popular niches you cans start your blog in.

While whatever you can think of is a niche, not all niche are lucrative.

A blog about depression is a niche but you will find it difficult to monetise such niche.

Not because you will have low traffic and between there are a lot of people searching for this.

But because that particular audience are not easy to monetise; simple!

I have given you a simple illustration about what a blogging niche is, using a pet lover as an example. So let go professional with the definition.

Because I believe blogging is a profession.

A blogging niche is a topic streamlined to that of

Now what about the list?

Yes! The list is what you have been expecting and enough of teasing you with the list.

Best Blogging Niche

1. Finance Niche

Everyone loves money and is interested in tips on growing their finance.

So it should not come to you as a surprise that the finance niche is one of the best niche to blog about.

The finance niche has a lot of audience which is what makes it a lucrative blog niche for bloggers.

The audience willing to learn more about finance are ready to spend to learn more about it.

So they are also one of the best niches that are very easy to monetise.

But when starting a finance blog, you must prepare your blog for the competition out there or better still start a micro niche blog.

There are micro niches in this niche like investment, savings, growing finance, making money, etc.

And these micro niches are also lucrative and have a large audience.

So you are covered if you need a big pond to cast your net.

A popular blog in this niche is Investopedia.

Simply checking Investopedia alexa rank will give you the confirmation that the niche has a large audience.

But because of competition, it will be advisable to start a micro niche blog and keep expanding as your blog’s authority grows.

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2. Make Money Online Niche

This could suit well under finance niche.

But this niche itself is very big with a large lucrative audience.

People looking for ways to make money online are increasing everyday because everyone wants to live a flexible life and escape the 9 to 5 lifestyle.

So if you have had your success online, you can share how you did it by teaching others how to make money online

And trust me, this niche is lucrative.

But the competition is very tight and you need to be ready to learn new seo tactics to stay competitive.

And also being a newbie does not prevent you from starting a make money online blog.

If you are new to making money online, you can a make money online niche carrying your readers along with new ways you are learning about making money online and your experience.

That is a better approach than claiming that you have made X-dollars online.

You do not need to lie to become successful in this niche.

Just be truthful and share things that worked for you.

And see your blog as a place to teach and also learn.

3. Health Niche

The health niche is a big niche with large audience.

It is one of the lucrative blog niches you can start.

The health blog niche provides different ways of making money blogging.

But the competition is very tight.

Starting a micro niche blog in this niche like a weight loss micro niche, home remedies, etc can be a way of avoiding the competition.

A micro niche blog will save you the competition and also make your blog easy to monetise.

The health niche audience is filled with people who care a lot about their health and trust me, they are also willing to pay to get premium information.

You can monetise a health blog through sales of products, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

Also health topics have a good cpc on AdSense which means that health blogs can also be monetised through Google AdSense.

4. Technology niche

If you are fan of gadgets, technology news, tricks and tips, you will find the technology niche fun.

And not just fun; lucrative.

Believe it or not, no matter the high number of tech blogs, it is still a lucrative blog niche for newbies.

The technology niche is a poplar niche that is also lucrative on the side.

The technology is very wide and you will need to niche down the more, to beat the competition.

Starting a general tech blog is not advisable because the competition is just to tight.

If this your interest, then you need to choose a sub-niche under this niche.

There are many sub-niches in the technology; more than I can cover.

The big sub-niches in this niche are:

Gadget review blogs

How-to blogs

Technology news

These three are very wide that you can still narrow it down the more and still have a good amount of monthly traffic.

What am simply saying is that the technology is too wide for you to cover, so you need to niche down.

You can start a micro niche blog like WordPress review blog, wordpress hosting blog, blogger blog tutorials, coding tutorials, laptops reviews, etc.

WordPress blog Niche

There are many more micro niches under the sub-niches I have listed.

But the point is to find somewhere to hide (Niche) in order to beat the competition.

Then after establishing your blog as an authority in that niche, you can consider expanding and entering the bigger competition.

That is the best way to play this blogging game.

5. Lifestyle niche

Here me out before you hit the back button.

You must have heard that starting a multi-niche blog is not the best approach to blogging.

It is true and I am not opposing that.

But do you know that starting a lifestyle blog is now getting fun (because you get to write about many things).

And you can also generate good traffic to your lifestyle blog.

But when just starting out, you will need a large social media following to get traffic to your blog.

Because getting organic traffic from Google is not easy for a lifestyle blog; except you are targeting a local audience.

Not just that, monetisation of your blog is not easy that easy compared to a niche blog.

So why do you think it worths being on this list?

That a good question.

When I said monetisation of a lifestyle blog is not easy, I was referring to affiliate marketing
 and product sales.

It is difficult to sell something to a general audience with different needs.

And that simply means the best way of monetising a lifestyle blog is through advertising both through Ads network and direct adverts.

There are many lifestyle bloggers that earn well above $100,000 dollars a month; just for you to know how lucrative this niche is.

And a lot of people are neglecting this because of what they heard about this.

I have added this because I have a lifestyle blog.

6. Personal Development

Not everyone are really interested in entertainment.

But a large number of people are interested in being a better version of themselves.

So starting a personal development blog can be profitable if you have a knowledge on how to help people become a master of themselves.

Personal development blogs are few and are just increasing.

So if you are starting a blog in this niche, with adequate understanding of search engine optimization and pinterest marketing, you can make a kill in this niche.

You can monetise your blog through AdSense and affiliate marketing if you are not interested in creating your own products.

But that being said, the best way of monetising a personal development blog is by creating your own products be it eBooks, online courses, podcasts, etc.

Creating your own membership site is something you can also look into.

People interested in being the better version of themselves will not see spending some few dollars on resourceful products that can help them achieve their goals.

But here is the thing:

Your premium products can be as high as $300 or as low as $10, you will only make a sale if you are able to convince your readers that you are the solution to their problem.

And this can only be achieved through publishing quality content.

7. Food blog

The most basic needs of man is Food.

And that simply explains why a food blog is one of the best niche blogs you can start.

Food blogs are very easy to start and also involves running a YouTube channel beside the blog.

That is because you can only show your credibility through videos.

You don’t just narrate how to make a particular food for me or give me the list of recipes; you need to show me how to.

And that is what adds up to the profitability of this niche.

You can start a membership site where you show your readers how to create those foods and other premium content that are very important.

Pinch of Yum is a food blog that makes it big.

Pinch of Yum was started by Lindsay a former 4th grade teacher and her husband Bjork.

Pinch of Yum makes an average of $20,000 per month which would have increased greatly because Bjork stopped publishing income reports since 2016.

I have only given you this figure for you to have an idea of how lucrative food blogging is.

8. Politics

Oh Politics!

Wait before you are too excited about blogging about politics.

Blogging about politics is different from the entertainment niche.

The politics niche is not that competitive and requires you to update your blog daily with new stuffs in the political world.

While this is the perfect blog to build fame and your personal blog in the political world, it is also one of the ways to help people.

Blogging about politics, you can monetise your blog with AdSense, direct ads, and sponsored posts.

And this niche drives crazy amount of traffic which means you can also make cool money from Google AdSense.

Perez Hilton is a blogger that is well known in this niche.

He is the source of entertainment and political news in the industry.

Huffington post is yet another blog in the industry, and let me guess you are well familiar with this blog.

In fact these blog is regarded as the highest earning blog on the internet.

That is just to tell you how lucrative this can be if you are serious about blogging.

Huffington Post has even gone ahead to hire thousands of workers both freelancers and paid staff to help grow the blog.

Permit me to say, Huffington post is more than a blog.

I have not said this to cajole you into starting a politics blog, I have only said this to give you an idea of how lucrative this blog niche is.

9. Photography blog

You love nature, I love nature and thousands out there also love nature.

Why not turn your hobby into a business?

I am simply talking about starting a photography blog.

Starting a photography blog can be very lucrative if you are good at sizing moments through your digital camera.

You can monetise your blog by creating products (eBooks, online courses) teaching people photography.

You can make as little as $100 to as high as $100,000 dollars a month just by teaching people your hobby.

10. Business Ideas

What! this sounds like a micro niche and should be under a business niche.

But as niched as this might sound, there are blogs that specialise in this blog niche and are driving much more than 2 million monthly page views.

And the reason behind this is not far-fetched.

A lot of people are looking to escape their 9-5 jobs and be their own boss by creating their own business.

So the number of monthly searches on business ideas is increasing every day.

You do not need to be expert in helping people start a profitable business.

All you need is to be able to do your own research on topics and then write your own content.

11. Marketing

I have talked about business ideas niche.

If the number of people searching for business ideas is increasing, then the number of people looking to market their business will also increase.

Starting a marketing blog is very lucrative because a lot of your audience are business owners who know the important of investing.

They would not mind spending some few dollars on a product that will help them.

There are big marketing blogs like copyblogger founded by Brian Clark.

Copy blogger is now a multi-million dollars company.

Sure as a new blog in this industry, you will not make up to this, but you can be sure of making around $1,000 a month.

Confused? Which of these niches is best for you?

Okay I understand.

After reading this list you might be finding it difficult in settling for a blog niche.

This is not unusual it is normal.

I have been there when just starting my blog and not just me also a lot of us find it difficult in deciding a niche.

And that is why thousands of aspiring bloggers search for profitable blog niches every month.

So which of these niches should you settle for?

I will not be dumping a niche on you, I will only be giving you guidelines on what blog niche should you go for.

To answer your question,

I will quickly run a mind check for you.

• What are you passionate about?

• Is this profitable?

• Are there popular blogs in this niche?

These are the questions you need to answer.

You need to take your time and ask yourself what exactly are you passionate about?

And is that niche profitable?

While you might be tempted to think that niche is profitable just because you think you can sell a product to that niche.

And this is why I advise you to do your research if there are popular blogs in this niche that make good monthly income.

If there are popular blogs in that niche, which means that you can also grow a popular blog in this niche.

Scaling your blog like a pro

I believe you have sorted the hard part of selecting a niche.

Now you need to launch your blog and scale it like a pro.

This is another part that a lot of bloggers make mistakes.

What are the things you need to do to scale your blog?

I have written a guide to help you get started in becoming a successful blogger . This guide contains a list 23 tips to help you grow your blog.

You can read it here.

How to Become a Successful Blogger: 23 Tips from a Popular blogger

What tools should you use?

The tools you use to blog matters a lot. What are the tools you use to perform keyword research, what are the tools you use to monitor your traffic?

These are the things you need to grow your blog.

If you use the wrong tool, you will get a negative result.

How should you monetise your blog?

Okay. I believe this is one of the reasons why a lot of people started their blog in the first phase.

This is not a bad thing to think about. Even pro bloggers are also bent about making money on their blog.

So why shouldn’t you?

I have a post on how to make money blogging.

Check out:

10 Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2019.


Here we are at the end of this post. Do you really know that this post is exactly 3,070 words?

Well I have given you my thoughts on the best blogging niche to start your blog in.

So it is over to you

Tell me your experience in choosing a niche for your blog.

Do you have any blog in any of these niches?

How successful are they?

What else do you think I missed?

Let continue this post in the comment section.


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