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Are you interested in creating your own free blogger blog? This is a step by step guide for you.

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Blogging has now been a lucrative career that you can start and make a good living off.

It is one of sources of smart passive incomes online which you can enjoy.

Though you can make money from it, it comes with difficulty.

One of it is setting up your blog and creating content.

Blogging involves writing for a specific audience. Whether you are creating a blog for business or just for fun, the procedure is just the same.

But where others mostly find difficult is what I have pointed out in this blog post.

So you can trust me that you will be able to set up your blog in the next twenty minutes.

I have for you actionable steps you can follow to start a blogger blog.

But before we continue, I would love to share with you the benefits and disadvantages starting a blogger blog come with.

This is the advantages of setting a blogger blog and the catch.

It is important for you to know what to expect after registration.

Benefits of Creating a Blogger Blog

  1. It is Free

Creating a blogger blog is very simple and completely free. This is the major advantage of creating a blogger blog – FREE. A blogger blog is free compared to a wordpress blog that would cost you some dollars to manage.

There are so many posts on the internet proving that it is difficult to monetise a blogger blog and many professional bloggers claim that running a wordpress blog is the best for a business blog.

As this is true about wordpress, it is easier to monetise a wordpress blog compared to a blogger blog. But all the same, monetising a blogger blog is not as difficult as being preached by other pro bloggers.

2. Easy to Use

Blogspot blogs are much more easier to customize and use due to their simple user interface. The blogspot platform is as simple as managing a facebook page due to the easy way it was built.

Briefly let quickly look into the disadvantages of starting a blogger blog.

Disadvantages of Creating Blogspot Blogs

1. To monetise a blogger blog is a bit difficult

This is the right message other bloggers have been trying to pass; monetisation is not as easy as that of a wordpress blog.

If your main aim is to monetise your blog, you can still achieve this on blogger.

But you will make the most out of your blog when on the WordPress platform.

Being on the blogger platform, your major means of monetisation will be through Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is an ads network that displays ads on your blog and pays you in return when users click on the ad.

To make money on Google AdSense, you will need to have a large volume of visitors on your blog.

As a beginner, you might find that difficult in the early stage of your blog.

But as you grow your blog, your ads earning will keep increasing.

There are other ways to monetise a blog like affiliate marketing, but affiliate marketing on a blogger blog is difficult.

So in one word, making your first $100 dollars on AdSense might not be easy because of low amount of visitors.

But still, many bloggers are making enough from AdSense to quit their day job.

Blogs like Legit, Thoughtco, and WikiHow make their money from AdSense.

The truth is many of the professional bloggers started their blog on blogger platform before moving their blog to the wordpress platform.

So if you are a newbie blogger starting your first blog on the blogger platform could help you gain insights on how blogging works.

2. Poor Blog Design

Design is a major issue in on the blogspot platform.

Blogspot blogs have a poor custom template that cannot match up to the beautiful wordpress themes.

This is one of the reasons why pro bloggers preach about starting a wordpress blog because of its professional look.

If you are looking into starting a professional blog or a business blog, then wordpress would be suitable for you.

 You can attain some level of simplicity with a blogger blog but is never the best option from a business perspective.

Lesser Functions

Blogger blog has some limited function such as adding a membership plugin to your blog, adding e-commerce plugin to your blog and many other plugins available on the wordpress platform.

Steps to Create a Blogger Blog

STEP 1 – Visit the blogger platform here

When you visit, you click on the link to sign up for an account. You need to have a valid Gmail account in order to register a blogger blog.

STEP 2 – Click On Sign Up

On signing up,you will need a gmail account (google mail account) which will be used for signing up. You can either use your personal gmail account or create another one specially for the blog.

STEP 3 – Choose Blog Name and Address

You can then choose your blog name and type in your address. The address you will be given will be a

And another thing is that most of the good blogspot domains have already be taken. So if you are unable to find the address you need for your blog, no worries you can just add a number at the back of the address and make use of it for the main time.

One other option you have is to navigate a custom domain (,, to your blogspot blog and give yourself a unique branding.

STEP 4 – Choose Blog Template

Once you get to this stage, you can just select any blog template that you think fits you. Then after registration you can browse through the library of custom blogger templates provider and find a better template that fits your taste for your blog.

STEP 5 – Complete

Then you have just finished creating your blog and all you need is to spend some time understanding the blogspot interface in order to get used to how it operates.

I will do my best at the bottom of this post to create a short tutorial of how the blogger interface can be used.

STEP 6 – Start Blogging

Great you have set up your blogspot blog, the next thing is to start blogging your way to success. Yes this is the main reason why you launched your blog in the first place. So all you need to do is to justify that reason and start blogging.

If you are also new to blogging, I have created a great resource of contents that will help you in blogging.

Right from writing of contents, to monetization of blog; you are covered.

So I had suggest to you to start you first week of blogging learning the acts. And also, remember you need to keep learning as there are new updates everyday week.

Keep immersing yourself into the pool of knowledge and the sky will be your starting point.

So Here are some of the resources to get you started:


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