How to Write Your Blog Post 2X Fast (Blog Post Ideas for you)

how to write a blog post guide

This is the dream of all bloggers;

To become a content machine,

Producing quality contents in half the usual time and meeting the needs of your readers.

Yes I understand this and I once had this problem.

Just recently, I discovered that the pace at which I am producing contents is superfast than I could ever think of.

My typing speed is making me think I had contacted some kind of Flash gene.

I had always been that slow typist and poor writer when it comes to creativity.

I write with paper and pen before typing.

I thought that was the only way I could be an effective writer.

But there was a change in the tide.

I started getting used to typing my post directly into Microsoft word, and everything became easier.

Now my typing speed is around 70 words per minute.

Yes that could be small compared to what others have achieved but this was a sudden change.

So in this post I would teach the exact method I followed to be able to write this fast.

1. Write Everyday

This is very important as a writer.

In order to improve your writing skill and typing speed, you need to do this often in order to be familiar with this skill.

Anything can be learnt if you are ready to put into practise.

The more you write, the better you become. This is the most important step in improving your writing skill.

I told you I was a high school student with poor writing skill.

In order to learn how to write, I had to start writing every day.

My first set of blog posts will make you laugh.

Because it looks like it was written by a baby with no idea of what writing is. Yet, I never allowed myself to be discouraged by this.

It is true that some people are born with this skill. But if you do not breed it, then it becomes useless.

I was not born with this writing skill; I developed interest in it when I learnt about blogging.

I knew it was unavoidable, and I needed to learn it.

So I started by writing every day in order to master this skill.

2. Read every day

I cannot over emphasize how well this works.

While I was starting my writing career, I started reading Smart Blogger a blog owned by Jon Morrow.

I loved the way Jon Morrow writes and I always wish I could write like him.

I noticed how well he writes and I decided to read his blog daily. I read an average of 3 of his blog posts daily.

As time went on, if I read any blog without reading the author’s name, I will be able to identify if it was written by Jon Morrow or not.

I became familiar with him that I had mastered his style of writing.

The result was that I started becoming a better writer, discovering my own voice.

So if you are willing to learn more about writing, I challenge you to read more and more of your favourite writer’s work.

If you do not know what to read, then you can start by reading this post by Jon Morrow that drove many comments on Copy Blogger.

3. Look for a source of inspiration

Many times you might not feel like writing anything at all.

You might feel like you have nothing to say today. In order to overcome this, look for a source of inspiration.

Whenever I encounter writer’s block, I listen to music to get back to work. This is why I go about with my ear phone.

I plug it in if no inspiration is coming.

But listening to music might not be your own source of inspiration.

You might need to discover this yourself.

You can start by reading this guide:

How to get over Writer’s block

4. Do Your Research First.

This is another thing you might not have heard before.

The truth is that majority of top bloggers carryout their research before writing their blog post.

I do not know everything, neither am I an expert in my niche; though I am well above average.

I cannot neglect the importance of carrying out research.

Though there are some posts I write without carrying out research because of my wealth of knowledge on this.

As a writer, it is important you carry out your research before writing and not when writing.

If you carry out your research when writing, you will waste a lot of time on the internet reading rather than writing.

So I advise that you carry out your research 20 minutes before writing your blog post.

5. Plan Your Post Before Writing

Before writing your blog post, take some few minutes out to plan your post.

Planning your post gives you perfect control of your writing style.

Your plan should be your guide when writing.

So if you do not have a guide, then your writing will be like a trial-and-error mission.

But when you have everything in place, you create the avenue for inspiration to keep coming.

Planning is a way of making perfect use of your time in writing something worth reading.

The question is how do you plan your post?

You don’t just write down anything when planning your post.

Below is a list of things your plan must contain

• Craft an Headline for your post

This is the first thing you need to do when planning your post; to craft your headline.

This is where a lot of bloggers get it wrong; writing their blog post before crafting a headline.

You need to craft a headline to guide you while writing.

It is true you can be tempted; to start writing right away.

But you need to control that urge to start writing, because it is more difficult to write a conversational blog post without a headline in place.

Permit me to use this: there is a way that seemeth righteous, the end thereof is destruction.

It is the same thing when it comes to writing.

Writing right away might seem to be fast and easy but it is much more difficult and not the best style of writing.

You need to take the pain and craft your headline, in order to have a guide to direct you.

A perfect example is that I was also tempted while writing to deviate a bit in order to write more on keyword research.

Yes they look similar but the truth is that it does not fit into this post.

When I mentioned research, I could have added some tools you can use to carry out your keyword research.

But this is not the right place to start naming that.

I need to be sure I am writing according to headline not just for the sake of writing.

And not to just hit the minimum word count.

• Write your Bullet Points

Are you writing a list post? Then write your points down in order to know what you are in for.

Writing down your points will help you have a guide and know what to do. Writing down your point, you avoid forgetting some points.

Are you writing a case study, then you can jot down important things you would make mention of in the blog.

• Write your Introduction

It is very important to write your introduction. Your introduction can always be the first thing you write or the last thing you write.

Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger, says that he writes his introduction last. I read his blog most times, and I love his style of writing but no matter how well I try, I prefer writing my introduction first to making it the last thing to do.

This is why I did not add any special note on when to write your introduction. You need to discover what works for you.

Writing my introduction first only set me on track to finishing the blog post as early as possible.

Side Confession

I wrote this post without a written out a plan, so I think I deserved to be punished. But the truth is planning as helped me a lot.

80% of my articles are planned before writing.

I wrote this just because I have a wealth of knowledge on this topic.

So don’t be like me except that is where your strength lies.

6. Write Like you speak

Has anyone told you this?

When you write like you speak, you tend to write conversationally increasing engagement.

This is the recipe for writing conversational posts.

Ryan Robinson of Ryrob does this well. He writes like he speaks and keeps his readers scrolling and reading.

You can also do this, if you master the act of writing like you speak.

You might not be familiar with this writing style but as long as you continue in it, you will get used to it.

Here is the thing:

Engagement is what we all crave for. The more engagement your content produces; the easier it is to convert your readers.

And conversion leads to more money for you.

7. Learn From The Experts

This is my seventh tips on writing like your blog posts 2X fast.

The truth we all find difficult to admit is that; we have a lot to learn in our field.

You need to be able to accept the fact that you are not the best writer.

So to boost your writing skill, learn from the experts.

Learning only makes you better not poorer; it makes you a better writer.

Be a learner rather than a teacher.

When I started blogging, I knew early on that my writing skill is not even worth a skill it’s a screw.

In order to prevent my writing style to screw up my blog, I took steps to improve my writing skill.

It was during that period I came across Brian Clark of Copy Blogger and Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger.

I immediately fell in love with Jon’s writing style that I had to make it a must to read an average of three of his blog posts daily.

Not essentially new articles, I have read some of his posts more than ten (10) times.

Doing this made me discover my own writing tone and I was able to develop it.

While starting to blog I had some challenges in setting up my blog, I knew I had to learn this.

So I started reading Harsh Agrawal of Shout Me Loud in order to learn more from him.

The result was that I learnt as fast as I can and kept on improving.

Till date, I read other people’s blogs including my competitor’s blog in order to learn more from them.

As a side note, I read BTOP a lot and one of Jeff’s awesome guides that I still refer to whenever I am stuck in this blogging journey is his guide on How to Make Money Blogging.

Cool I’m a good writer, but I know I am poor at blog monetisation and I am ready to learn from experts.

Why beat around the bush when there are experts to learn from?

Not asking is the punishment we impose on ourselves.

You need to master the habit of learning from experts and asking for help when you are in need.

So acquiring a skill is far better than talent.

Take Home Tips

If you don’t have the required writing skill, you can always learn. To improve your writing speed, you must be ready to learn and to take actions.

Not taking action is delaying your content marketing success.

So in order to achieve your goal, I challenge you to take action either by learning from others or by reading every day.


I have given you the exact steps I took to improve my writing skill and acquire this flash gene.

If there is anything you have also done to acquire your flash gene that is missing in this post, please let me know through the comment section.

Let continue the post in the comment section.

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