You Need a Big Heart to be Successful in Business – GuruCoach Entrepreneur Digest

You Need a Big Heart to be Successful in Business – GuruCoach  Entrepreneur Digest


Have you ever analyzed all successful business owners and entrepreneurs? Did you see anything they have in common?

Is it belief in what they do? Or is it a good business idea?
Yes most of them have that in common.
In fact they all have it in common.

But there is something that I noticed which is not always discussed most times.
So what is it?


Go through the list of your favorite entrepreneurs and business owners, you will see this.
It might be so obvious in some and lesser in others.
But they all have this in common.


Big heart is the ability to go through rigorous thinking and decision making without getting overwhelmed. Being in the position of a master planner without getting too overwhelmed by the activities.

Big heart is having the courage to give it a trial again after losing everything. Big heart is having the courage to continue after losing all your wealth.  This has happened to different enterpreneurs.
Some lost all, while some lost half but there is none that has not lost any before.

Big Heart.

Big heart sometimes or perhaps most times is always used as a synonym of ability to take risk.
While they look similar, having a big heart in business is more complicated than just taking risk.

But all the same taking risk is the major element of having a big heart.
And after that comes the ability to withstand psychological stress, cope with worries and bear through challenges.

The ability to solve problems and think about the future.
Thinking about the future and predicting the future is one of the most psychologically straining exercise that an entrepreneur needs to go through if he wants his business to survive.

To predict the future is difficult with the new technological developments. Though we know the future of all business radiate around technology but there is no clear proof of what everything will turn out to.

Big Heart.

Let assume the doctor said that you only have 6 months to live, and you are still in the process of growing your business; what would every day be like for you (day 1 to 6th month)

You would spend it living an extravagance life?
Would you drop the idea of building a business?

Or would you go out and meet every one and express your feelings to them?
Would you just stay inside your room locked in waiting patiently for it?

Or would you continue living a normal life but more focused?
This might be very difficult to answer except you want to deceive yourself.
And there is no need for that since we are all here to charge ourselves. (No one is wrong, but the approach might be).

Someone was actually given this kind of message too.
That he only has 6 months to live.

And guess what he did?

He decided to live a normal but super focused life in order to achieve his dreams.
And the Doctor’s message was more of a blessing to him.
The person in discuss here is Steve Jobs.

He lived past 6 months for more than 12 years.
But that Doctor actually changed his perspective of life.

So permit me to be your Doctor.

Assume you have only 6 months to build a successful business, how would you live each day?
Learn to have a big heart  to continue when others claim there is no way.
Be strong and determined and live everyday like you have just that day to live.

This message is brought to you by Gurus Coach Media team. Enjoy your week and see you next week.
This is the first series in Gurus Coach Entrepreneur Digest.
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Love you all.

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