Perfect Money in Nigeria Review – All You Need to Know

Perfect Money in Nigeria – Making Online Banking Easier


Perfect money is a financial technology company that serves as an internet payment company. Perfect Money is an app that has grown to become a system making transfer and buying of currencies online easier.

Perfect Money was started as far back as 2007, but just got a solid footprint in Nigeria in 2019.
Perfect Money (PM) has gotten its footprint in the Nigeria financial technology sector.  If you are very familiar with online shopping, you would have come across some difficulties in online payments.

One of which is the unavailability of a payment gateway system that supports payments with Nigerian MasterCard or local bank account.

This is one of the common difficulty being encountered. Perfect Money is an online payment company set out to solve this.

Other than Perfect Money, there are other payment gateway companies that have ventured earlier into the Nigerian FINTECH sector like FlutterWave, PayPorte, etc.

How Perfect Money Works?



 Perfect Money serves like a system (Internet wallet) that makes the transfer, payment of money to third party bodies.

You can make use of Perfect Money as a payment gateway when shopping online. Though this is not acceptable all over the world, but it is growing speedily in Nigeria.

With Perfect Money, you can transfer money to your friends, family, business partners, and clients.
This is just like what you enjoy when using Paga.

Most importantly, Perfect Money (PM) is a digital currency like bitcoins. You can buy and sell PM currency online. Though it is not as popular as bitcoin, but its is also making its own impact in its own universe.
So in one word, Perfect Money acts as a middle man.

What Can You Do With Perfect Money?

This is a good question. There are a good number of things you can do with Perfect Money.

  • You can perform money transfers between members.
  • You can receive payments in various business projects in Internet.
  • You can make regular payments in Internet.
  • You can safely store money funds on electronic account and get monthly interests
  • You can also make payment for goods and services in Internet shops
  • You can buy Bitcoin, Gold Metal, USD and EUR currency online.

That is the list of the things you can do with Perfect Money.

Countries Supported by Perfect Money

Although Perfect Money has its footprint in Nigeria, it is not where the headquarters is located. Perfect Money has its presence in the following countries.

PM is popular in Iran, Vietnam, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, and to some extent in Japan.
PM there is no certainty in where Perfect Money evolved from. Sources have it that they seem to have some traces of origin in Russia.

What Currencies does Perfect Money Support?

Perfect Money supports the following currencies USD (United States Dolla), EUR (Euroes) GOLD, Bitcoin, etc.
If you are running an internet business then having PM digital currency could be a business saver when dealing with countries that do not accept Nigeria currency (Naira).

Looking to start an online business, I have contents to guide you.

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Since Perfect Money (PM) is a digital currency,

Where to Buy Perfect Money in Nigeria?

To buy Perfect Money (PM), you can do this through the help of a Perfect Money Exchanger in Nigeria.  It is not difficult to locate a PM exchanger in Nigeria, because a good percentage of those that trade bitcoin also trade Perfect Money.

So it would be an easy search if you visit a bitcoin exchangers shop and check if they also sell perfect money (PM). Against the odds, I am 80% sure that you should be able to get a positive answer.
You will need to do a naira bank transfer to the exchanger in order to buy PM from the PM exchanger shop business account.

Just like I have said, the major concern is not finding a Perfect Money exchanger, but its finding the right and best fit for you.
Be careful of fraudsters that claim to be a PM exchanger while they are not.

PM does not seem to have a clear place where they evolved from which it means it might be a bit difficult to get your money refunded back, if the exchanger absconds with your money.

And a legal suit will likely be helpless in this case, there is nothing worthy of a legal proof in cases like this.
So before selecting the right PM exchanger, you need to be smart. You need to be sure that the

Perfect Money exchanger you want to work with has been in existence for long.
If it has been in existence for long, then you would know that he might not want to put his business on a risk by absconding with your money.

But if he recently just started, there is a possibility that he is only looking for people scam and close-up the  shop.

And in that case, only few people or nearly no one will have his contact in that community. Because he just recently started.

Another thing you need to look into is whether the Perfect Money exchanger shop is registered under the CAC.

If it is registered under the CAC, then you can rest assured that it is a legitimate business.
And another thing is that it would be easier to locate the business owner atleast.

A non-registered PM exchanger should  be a warning sign to you that its is dangerous to trade with business owners like that.

Remember in business, you need to know who you are trading with in order to have the best deal with that person.

Nowadays, many of the digital currency exchangers now have their business hub and activities being done on the internet.

So if you are planning to carry out all your business on the internet, then you must have taught about using any of the PM exchangers online.

Since they have websites where you can buy your PM currency, then you need to confirm if those sites are legit or not.

You can do this by searching for people who have used the website before on popular forums in your Nigeria. As for Nigerians, the best forum ever for things like this is Nairaland.
So searching Nairaland for people who have used the website before and asking about their experience.

But be warned that, if its only one person that has been writing positive reviews of the site; stay away from them. That one person could be the owner of the company you are talking about.

How to Convert your PM Funds to Nigerian Naira Currency

If you are a business owner or freelancer that receives payment in PM currency, then you might be interested in knowing how to convert your PM funds to Nigerian Naira currency.
It is just the same way as buying Perfect Money (PM) digital currency.

Visit any digital currency shop in Nigeria and sell your PM currency to them in exchange for a Nigerian Naira currency.

Also take the same precaution as to when buying the PM funds.

How to Register Your Perfect Money Account

Before registering for a Perfect Money account, I need you to know that there are two types of account you can create.
You can either create a personal account or a business account.

A Personal account is intended for individuals while a business account is intended for businesses with a legal identity.
Besides that, both side of the account can be used for business activities.

Other than these two account types, there are two other account status that depends on the Perfect Money Administration. These other two are Premium Perfect Money Account and Partner.

I will discuss on this later on in this article.
Let’s continue with the registration of an account.

To register your Perfect Money Account, visit perfect money website.
Click on the sign up page on Perfect Money website at the top of the page and enter the necessary information.

If all your details are correct and legit, then you would be able to start using your accounts within 24 hours.
That is how simple creating an account with Perfect Money is.

Premium vs Partner Account

A premium account is an account with an exclusive offer and support. They are awarded once a user is a year old on the system or when a certain amount of transactions has been carried out on that account. Having a premium account opens you to some special treatment from Perfect Money support system and customer care unit.

You are being attended to with special treatment.
While a Partner account on the other side is a privilege account opened by a representative of a payment system.
To be approved as a premium account owner, you need to deposited 100, 000 usd, or your account must be 1 year old and above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Perfect Money

What is My Perfect Money Account Number?

To know your Perfect Money account number, please login to your account and you will see your account number at the  “My accounts” section. You should choose the correct account based on the currency used.

Can I get my Payment Back?

If by chance you made an excess payment to the Perfect Money system, it cannot be refunded or reversed. Any payment made into the PM system is irreversible.

How Can I send Money to a Mobile Phone?

To send money to a mobile phone, you need to specify the amount, the account you are transferring the money from and the mobile phone number of the receiver you are send the money to.
An e-Voucher code will be sent to the receiver which he/she will then activate for the money to show up at his/her end.

Why Do I Need to Exchange one Currency for Another?

The reason is very simple and it’s a business on its own. Exchanging of currency could enable you make profit from your money considering how fluctuating currencies are.

Currencies are very volatile and can easily rise or fall, so if you change your currency; you could be able to protect your money from dropping in value and also make some money on the side.

For example, you changed your currency to US dollars, and its value rises; then you would be able to make a profit when converting back to other currencies.

And another reason could be to make purchase online depending on the acceptable currency on the e-commerce site you are shopping with.

Is Perfect Money Legal in Nigeria?

This is one of the most frequently asked question by Nigerians. Perfect Money is not registered in Nigeria, so you are at your own risk to use the payment company.


Is it Possible to Transfer Money from PayPal to Perfect Money?

It is not acceptable by PayPal to transfer funds from your PayPal account to Perfect Money and any other e-wallets.

But you can do this at your own risk, putting your PayPal account on the line.

Perfect Money is a new game changer in the FINTECH industry. It is a new payment company that holds a lot for the future.

Just like Bitcoin started, Perfect Money has also started their race. Only the early and fast adopters will enjoy the best of the technology.
So here you have it, a review about Perfect Money.

If you have ever used Perfect Money before, please share your experience through the comment section.
I am willing to learn from you too.

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