How To Hire The Perfect Freelance Writer To Grow Your Business

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Here is the thing:

Hiring a freelance writer to write your content is the best way of scaling your blog growth.

Outsourcing comes with many benefits one of which is you can easily reach your content marketing goal very fast.

But when hiring freelance writers there are different things you need to look out for.

Does the freelance writer really have what it takes to grow your business?

That is the first question you need to ask yourself when hiring a freelance writer.

There are many freelance writers out there that are not looking out for your good but only after your money.

You need to have the eye of fishing them out.

That will not be easy that is why you need to learn how out in getting the out of outsourcing.

I have had some of my clients ask me, that how can they trust me?

And the only reply I give to them is my samples and social account.

These clients have developed that fear in hiring a freelance writer because of their share in hiring the wrong set of people.

I would work you through the steps of hiring a freelance writer and how you can go about it.

But before we continue, let remove one thing from the way.

When Should You Hire A Freelance Writer?

It is most likely that you should know when to hire a freelance writer.

But the usual reason is when you want to speed up your business growth.

But that is not enough.

You need to hire a freelance writer not because you discovered your competitors are outsourcing their blog posts.

You do it only when you are convinced to do it.

Hire a freelance writer when:

  • You do not have the time to write your blog posts, case studies, website content.
  • You are not a skilled writer and you find it difficult to convey your points to your readers.
  • You have other important projects to work on and find it cheaper to outsource your task
  • You have run out of ideas and need new ideas to share with your audience

There are many more reasons to hire a freelance writer.

How To Get The Most Out of Outsourcing

Yes, you are about to hire a freelance writer. You need to make your plans in order to achieve your goal after working with your freelancer.

In order to get the most of outsourcing you need to do the following:

Develop a Content Marketing strategy

You need a content marketing strategy in order to guide the freelance writer on what you plan to achieve after working with him/her.

This is an important asset you must have before hiring a content writer. If you do not have this before, then it would be better to hire a freelance writer and content marketer to work for you.

Though this might come with extra challenges, but it will help you get the most of outsourcing.

If you do not have your content marketing strategy, hiring a freelance writer is like doing the right thing at the wrong time.

It is that content strategy that will be a map to guide the writer’s pen in order to give you the exact thing you want.

Have a Writing Guideline

Not having a guideline is like not having a standard of what you are expecting.

Then whatever the freelance writer gives to you is what you accept or worse you run into trouble while dealing with the freelance writer.

Though there are some experienced writer who will take the time to ask you if you have any writing guideline.

The writing guideline will contain the type of content you are expecting from your freelancer, the word count, the type of writing tone you are expecting.

It would also contain the category of audience your content addresses.

Without a writing guideline you have given freelancers the opportunity to write the way they want.

Have a Budget

Before hiring a freelance writer, you need to decide on the amount you are planning to spend. Your budget is what will guide you when deciding on which freelancer to go for.

Some freelancers charge way more than $1,000 per post and some charge as little as $50 per post. The difference most times is experience and geographic of the writer.

You can always find quality freelancers that charge $50 and would even write content that deliver more compared to a freelancer writer that charges $500.

So do not take the rate as a measure of the content quality.

The reason for the difference in the rate is that some freelancers are just getting started while some have been in the freelancing industry for years.

Some live in a place where with just $100 per month, they can have a better living while some live in a country where $1000 per month is not enough to survive.

You see the difference? The rate a freelancer charge is not the measure of the quality he brings to table.

This is the main reason why you need to have a budget that would help you select the right person within that budget.

Selecting the right person within that budget is not difficult; all you need is to know what you are planning to spend.

Know What You Want

This is an important thing you need to decide on.

How many freelance writers do you want to hire? Or how many blog posts are you planning to outsource?

These are questions you need to ask yourselves. Do you need a video attached to it? Or do you need an infographic attached to the blog post?

You need to know what you want and where you are going.

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.

This is so true.

You need to know what you want so as to be able to say NO when someone gives you what you don’t want.

Those are the four things you need to prepare for in order to make the best out of hiring a freelancer.

The next thing is how do you find the right person to scale up your content marketing?

How To Find Freelance Writers

Finding freelance writers is very simple but finding the right person comes with more difficulty.

A talented and high rated freelancer might not be the right person for your content marketing.

Do you know this?

I can defend this from different angles.

Your budget could be the first to call you out.

If you don’t have big budgets then keep away from hiring a top notch freelancer.

But do you know that you can still get that same quality from an upcoming freelancer?

Then if that freelancer’s rate is within your budget then you have just found the right person.

That is from the angle of budget.

What about niche?

You run a business in the health niche and you are looking to hire a freelancer, the right person will be a freelancer with specialty in the health niche.

Hiring a top notch freelancer in the digital marketing niche is a waste of money and time. (This is the same reason why selecting the blog niche is important!)

Though might be able to bring up a good write up for you, but you had be better off hiring a freelancer in the health niche that has experience.

This means the person will not just be writing to get paid but writing to pass knowledge.

I am not saying that hiring a top notch freelancer is a wrong decision but I am only sharing with you why selecting the right person is not limited to hiring a famous freelancer.

The simple principle to work with is to know what you want.

So, How do you find the right freelancer for your project?

1. Post on Job Boards

Job board is a good place to find freelancers willing to work for you within your budget. Posting on job boards will cost you some dollars.

Though this comes at a price, but you can be guaranteed that you will be able to find the right person for your project.

Popular job boards like Problogger Job board is a place to get started. Posting your project on Problogger Job board will cost you $100 but can be negligible to what you stand out to gain.

To post a job on a Job board, you need to ensure you state clearly what the project is about and the type of freelancer you are looking for in order to scare away the wrong set of people.

You need to use the template that works well for others to craft your own job post.

A template I can give you to work with when using Problogger Job board:

Below is a typical example of what I’m saying.

Title of the Job : Marketing and Small Business Writers

Description: You need to write a brief description of the nature of the job, niche and other things the freelancer must be aware of.

Below is a typical example:

“Are you a marketing expert? Do you know marketing like the back of your hands? Do you derive joy in helping small businesses grow?

You are the right person we are looking for.

[Company’s name] is a leading marketing company that specializes in producing conversion software for small businesses online.

We are looking for a talented content writer to join our team of writers.

We are looking for someone who is:

· Looking for a long-term working relationship

· Has 1 year of working experience as a writer

· Has a good knowledge of Saas niche

How To apply:

Send an email to [email protected]

Your email must contain:

· A bit about you as well as links to your social profiles

· Why you are a good fit for this

· Links to 3 articles you have written

· Your rate per 500 words

That is just how a typical job post should look like.

There are other job boards other than Problogger jobs board like

2. Use Freelancer Sites like Upwork

This is just another way of getting the right person on your team to help you scale up your content marketing.

Though these freelancing sites are known to be filled with mediocre writers, but sure there are quality writers there too.

It is all about your ability to fish them out.

Fishing them out is not that difficult.

A better way of scaring away mediocre writers is by asking for samples.

Samples will help you know the quality of content you should expect.

Getting your job posted on freelance sites comes at a lower price compared to job boards.

Some are totally free.

But you should not judge a writer by his years of experience only.

You should make sure that you ask for samples.

And also make sure to check his social media accounts to ensure you are dealing with a real person.

3. Hire a Content Marketing Agency

Hiring a content marketing agency is very easy but comes with its own difficulty.

It is easier working with a solo freelance writer than working with a content marketing agency.

Working with a content marketing agency might cost you more.

And also, you will be working with an organisation whereby the writer assigned to your project might be working under a mask; though this is not true for all content marketing agencies.

But working with a solo freelance writer, you know what to expect.

All being said, working with a content marketing agency comes with own advantage.

Your project will pass through different professionals and ensure you get the best.

4. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just a community of professionals; it is a good place to find professional freelancers to help you with your project.

Finding a freelancer on LinkedIn is very easy.

Under the profiles of people on LinkedIn, you will find a short description of what they do.

So just search for freelance writers, you can get a long list of freelancers.

To ensure you are dealing with the right person, you can ask for samples of their work to get a feel of what they can bring to the table.


Whether you are looking to hire a freelance writer for long-term or short-term relationship, these platforms giving above can help you in finding the right candidate.

Remember that you need to know what you want in order to make the best out of outsourcing your projects.

Akinduyo Eniola is a freelance writer for hire and a content marketer. He writes about marketing, SEO and business for B2B and B2C companies. You can reach me on [email protected]

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    Great post with effective tips to hire a perfect freelance writer for business growth. I really like the post and especially the tips that you have included. Hiring a perfect freelance writer is not an easy task and the reasons that you have provided for hiring a freelance writer are absolutely true reasons.

    Developing a content marketing strategy and planning a budget are an important things that must be done before hiring a freelance writer. A writer with proper writing guidelines will helps a lot and will write according to our expectation. Your tips to find freelance writer are an effective tips and help many users,& readers to hire freelance writer. Posting on job board and using freelance sites will helps a lot. LinkedIn is a great social media platform that helps to hire a freelance writers. Hiring and working with content marketing agency will be helpful.

    Your all the suggested tips to find a freelance writers are helpful but i truly like an idea of using LinkedIn, using freelance sites and posting on job boards. As this post will help many readers and users to hire a freelance writer.

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