How To Protect Your AdSense Account From Getting Banned

Congratulation! You have been accepted into the AdSense program.

Before you continue your celebration, read this.

It is true that:

Getting accepted into AdSense program is very difficult while getting banned is very easy.

So you have passed the difficult phase of running AdSense on your blog and the next thing is how to avoid getting banned.

Google AdSense team issue ban on suspected AdSense account every month.

While some accounts are guilty, some are innocent.

But once you are being banned from the program, getting your AdSense account is very difficult though bloggers like Harsh Agrawal of Shout Me Loud have had success in reinstating their banned account and getting back.

That success is not evenly distributed.

Majority of the bloggers who had their AdSense banned failed in getting it back.

This can be a big loss if that is your only source of income as a blogger.

That is why I strongly advise bloggers to diversify their sources of income.

In order to avoid joining the number of bloggers weeping over their banned AdSense account, I have written this post to help you avoid this. (Forgive me for being rude over there.)

So the good news I brought to you today is that you can prevent your AdSense account from getting banned by doing the tips I would be giving you in this post.

I would love us to remove one more thing out of the way before going:

I do not want to take for granted that not everyone here has an AdSense account, I have written an epic guide on getting AdSense application approved.

I also have another post on how I got my AdSense account approved after first rejection.

How To Avoid Getting Your AdSense Account Banned.

1. Do Not Click on Your Ads

There is a passage in the Bible that talks about removing the log of wood in your eye before removing others own.

That is exactly how I think we should treat this. Before talking about protecting your account form illegal clicks, I need make its known that you also must not click on your ads.

Clicking on your ads means that you are trying to increase your ads revenue.

Even though that might not be the case mostly, you must avoid clicking on your ads.

What if you mistakenly make a click?

Yes this happens sometimes.

Whenever I am browsing my page in order to see how it is appearing, I mistakenly make some clicks and hit the back button.

Google understands that the click was unintentional and does not count it.

And when it is counted, the cpc for that click is always very low.

So mistakenly clicking on your ads will not harm your AdSense account.

But when the click becomes intentional and occurring many times, then Google will start putting your account under check.

Your activity will be put under investigation.

If it continues, then you might bag a ban on your account.

2. Avoid Invalid Clicks

Now that you have removed the log of wood in your eye, you can now see clearly who else is making illegal click on your ads.

Sometimes, you might see a sudden increase in the number of clicks with the same page views. This sudden increase can harm your account and make Google suspicious of your account.

So in order to protect your account you might need to remove all ads from your blog for a day or two days in order to avoid more invalid clicks.

You can trace the activity yourself using Google Analytics.

3. Remove Adult Contents

Do you have any adult content on your blog?

Remove those adult contents. If you don’t know about this before; adult content is one of the violations of Google AdSense.

AdSense is one of the ads network that stays true to it policy and one of those that does not accept adult content.

If you run an adult content blog, then I had advise that you either remove your Google Ads from your blog or delete your adult content and start all over from a new niche.

The latter might be very difficult if you have a blog with large daily views but can be very easy if your blog is a new blog with little to know views.

4. Avoid PBN

I would have omitted this because of an article I read on Viperchill’s blog. But the truth is Google is against Private blog network.

I did not understand this not until I joined a facebook group where I found so many things that new bloggers do just to increase clicks.

If you are new to blogging, you might not understand what Private Blog Network means.

I have written this for everyone, so I would explain myself in order to achieve the main aim of creating this content.

Private Blog Network are network of bloggers with the same aim of sharing things like backlinks, promoting one another.

Private Blog Network (PBN) used to be something good and Google friendly as it shows how bloggers can easily build relationship.

Not until it became worse, when bloggers started using it to carry out their black hat SEO techniques.

I was shocked when I saw that people use this to exchange clicks and improve their AdSense earnings.

So Google caught up with that and counted building a Private Blog Network as an illegal online activity.

5. Avoid Buying Views

Are you so desperate to buy page views in the name of increasing your ads revenue?

Well you are one of Google’s enemies.

Google dislikes this because you are trying by all means to deceive Google.

Buying views to increase your ads revenue will not help at all.

You are only putting your account at the risk of being banned.

Do you want to avoid being banned?

Then stop buying views.

Rather than buying views, I had rather work hard and spend more ours building readers and traffic.

If your main goal is building a sustainable online business long-term, then I think building your traffic is what you should be doing.

Buying views will not help you, because those views can not convert or buy any of your products

Rather than wasting money to buy views, why not hire someone to write blog posts for you and grow your blog

Well for a side note: I am a content marketer and a freelance writer for hire. You can always spend that money on me, and see the result.

6. Do not share your AdSense earning with anyone.

This might sound funny.

You were not expecting this, right?

But the truth needs to be told.

Sharing your AdSense earnings to people only put your account in a risky position. Not everyone wish you well.

Haters are out there, who will not mind spending a lot to send invalid clicks to your blog.

Making the shout means you are inviting them and giving them the necessary information.

This is the main reason why webmasters do not share their blog details when writing a report and some even paint their account detail in order to avoid being spammed.

So, when next you receive your AdSense earnings, keep quiet and continue enjoying it.

7. Share this.

It took me some hours to compile this guide to help you. Sharing this will make me happy and it is a way of contributing to this blog.Have any question, or any contribution; meet me in the comment section.
I am waiting for you.

Akinduyo Eniola is a freelance writer for hire and a blogger. He writes about digital marketing on his blog at Gurus Coach

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