Nigerian Google AdSense Account Approved After First Rejection

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You know the dream of all newbies in blogging,

To have an approved AdSense account.

Not having an approved AdSense account seems to be the end of their career, worse having a banned AdSense account.

Are you one of them?

You have a blog? Or you have submitted your application to AdSense before and was rejected?
Is it true, talking of what I said earlier?
that after starting your blog; the next thing that runs through your mind is monetizing your blog with Google AdSense?

Some bloggers even believe that Adsense is the only way they can monetize their blogs which is a wrong perspective about blogging.

Well I have good news for you.

To have your AdSense application approved is very simple and does not require any technical aspect.
When I started blogging, I submitted my first AdSense account application after about three months (3) of blogging.

The outcome was that my first application was rejected.
Just like you, I thought that was the end, but I have always been so persistent. I decided to try something different that you might not have heard of on the internet before.

This is a secret that I thought to keep quiet about.
But, no matter what it is, someone will talk about it one day and its better being the first to talk about something tricky, right?

That was what I thought about.

If your first application was rejected, that does not mean it’s the end.
Getting an adsense account approved has been painted by some bloggers as a very difficult thing to do, which turned to be false. When I started blogging as a newbie, I also believed those things about google adsense.

I read a lot of posts exaggerating how difficult it is to have your adsense account and how easy to be banned from google adsense program.
This might look like I am also exaggerating but believe me that is how it was painted to me through the blogs I read.
I know you are also familiar with this too.

But I am here with a different message and a good one to tell you how easy it is to have our google adsense application approved by Google Adsense.

Do You Think I’m Lucky? No this is not luck but actually how adsense work. And if its luck then you also will find that luck.
The truth Google is not a cheat like what others have painted it to be.

And also, I do not carry bad news about all I bring to my readers is good news.
Yes, from the title of this blog post, it was clearly stated that my first google adsense application was rejected.

This is true. When I first applied with a month old blog of mine, my application was rejected and the reasons for rejection were stated.

Though this application was around March 2017, which is two years ago as at the time of writing this article.

So, I cannot provide you with the image stating the reasons for my first application rejection, but I will try and summarise what it was all about and what I did to have my second application approved easily.

The reasons stated in the mail sent to me was addressing my content, saying I have few quality content on my blog which is the main reason for rejection.
The truth is as at that time I was finding it difficult to figure out what to do because then I was a poor writer.

I find it difficult deciding on what to write and how to put it in order to make it unque.
But what I have come to find out is that there is no perfect unique content.

You need to find a source of information.
Whatever you are about to write on, someone else as written on it.
The only thing that makes it unique is your writing tone.

No matter how hard I try to write, I can write like Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger.
Though I wish I could.

Enough of teasing, let talk about the real deal; how I got my second application approved after first rejection.

In a few seconds, I would be talking about exactly what I did before submitting my second Google

AdSense application.

What I did Different before submitting my Second Google AdSense Application

1. I added about 5 new Posts

Though it being long and I have updated most of my blog posts, I cannot remember the total numbers of posts I added.

But it about 5 posts to 7 posts that I added to my blog.

After the rejection, I added 5 new posts in order to improve my blogs’ image.

I added this five posts because Google Adsense specified that I add more contents on my blog and also emphasized quality content; which is what I did.

2. I changed my Admin Gmails’ account

This might sound completely new to you because no one might have suggested this to you. Yes, I did so for some personal reasons which you will find out below.

This is the new thing I was teasing you about; changing Gmail account.
This was possible because I was on the blogger platform.

In order to obtain a clean start with my Google Adsense application, I changed my Gmail account in the settings bar.

This I did in order to give Google the impression that this is a changed blog and quicken my approval process.

And this actually helped me to have my AdSense account approved on my second application.

3. I Changed my Blogger’s Template

My former template was a custom template which seems heavy and slowing down my blog loading speed.

I changed to one of the templates that is mobile responsible provided by Blogger. This change was prompted by one of the post I read on a blog which I can remember right now stating the importance of blogs’ template to google.

4. I Waited for a While

Yes, waiting for some time helped me. I waited for about one to two month(s) before submitting my second application.

These are the tips that helped me in order to have an approved AdSense application after first rejection.

Go Ahead and Try This.

Not trying this is putting this into waste. The right time to implement this change is now. So get straight with your blog and do the right thing.

Do not read any other blog until you have implemented this.
Because I am sure it going to work.

Has Your AdSense account been banned?
I also have good news you.

Though you have been backlisted on Google AdSense for one reason or the other, I don’t care.
There are other Ads network that you can join and keep getting your monthly alert.

Some of this Ads network are Propeller Ads, Chitika, Mediavine, Viglinks, Infolinks etc.
You can click on the links to register and keep earning that money.


Having your AdSense account approved is not as difficult as being portrayed by others. All you need to do is to follow instruction and have your blog prepared.

Are you just trying to submit your first AdSense application, then you can read my guide on setting up AdSense for your blog and making money right away.

Quick Tip

It took me long hours to compile this and chronicle my journey on having my second AdSense application approved.

I would really appreciate it if you share this to others. It would be painful for just a few people to read this after taking my time to compile it.

See it as your gift to me. I really love comments also, so please say Hi before going.
I would love to see you again.

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