9 Tips To Increase AdSense CPC and Revenue 2020

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Do you want to increase your google adsense earning?

You are tired of getting low CPC and very small number of clicks?

There is a way out for you to solve this.

Among the different ways of monetising your blog, Google AdSense is the easiest.

When starting a blog, a lot of beginners decide to build blogs for adsense purpose only.

AdSense is by far the easiest and the lowest in terms of returns.

Running adsense on a blog is not just about slapping some ads on your blog and expecting a good increase.

There are other things you need to put into consideration when placing ads on your blogs including the format and size.

Are you a new blogger or just hearing about Adsense? I have you covered.

What Is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an ads network that displays ads in form of text, image, video on your website and pays you when someone views or clicks on the ads.

Among all ads network, Google adsense is the best and highest displaying ads network. Adsense is a cost-per-click ads network which means you are only paid when users click on your ads.

How Does Google Adsense Work?

You need to understand how Google Adsense work before tweaking its for higher revenue.

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Tips To Increase Google Adsense Revenue

1. Write Quality and Unique Content

This is by far the first step to take in order to increase your adsense earning. While doing my homework on this, I came across one of google post on their blog discussing how to get the best out of Google Adsense.

I will it as stated on Google blog :

“ For starters, your site could be initially approved by Google adsense but later reviewed for quality assurance. In other words, you can’t fill your site with low quality content to get 100 pages indexed and monetised”

You can see Google also feels the same way. You can not eat your cake and have it.

Quality content can never be replaced in the success equation of your blog. Google is not dumb to pay you over poorly written content.

You need high quality content in order for your blog to be served high quality ads. This is the first trick in improving your adsense revenue.

You would be see anything close to “block low cpc ads” on this list. So if you want to see real and quality change then you need to be ready to write quality and unique content.

This is the foundation of increasing your earnings.

So, What Makes A Quality Content And Unique Content That Resonate Well With Google Adsense?

This is the next question you should ask me. Just thinking of an idea and scribbling something down is not going to help you in any way.

I would not stop you from doing a thing without showing you a better way of doing it.

Writing a quality content is simple but can be time consuming most times (like this one I wrote,  How to Become a Successful Blogger).

I would write another article addressing this issue.

Here Is How I Go About Writing My Content

• Do A Proper Keyword Research

This is something you have heard a lot and think its not necessary. I do not think there is need to convince on the importance of keyword research to your online business.

This is necessary if you are willing to grow your blog. Keyword research can be performed wrongly so you need to learn the technique of keyword research.

When performing your keyword research, you need to select keywords that are less competitive, high volume search, and have high Cost-per-click (CPC). You can achieve this through the help of keyword research tools.

• Write SEO Optimized Content

In order to rank well on search engine, you need to write seo optimized contents. Google adsense value search engine traffic to any other form of traffic.

In other words search engine traffic is the best to improve your Google Adsense earning.

2. Allow Text and Image Based Ads Type

According to experiments performed by Google adsense experts, text and image ads type increases clicks and CPC. The more clicks you have, the more earnings you make. Reasons why text and image based ads type increase ads click is not far-fetched.

Text and image ads type are always attractive because of the graphics and its easy to get more ads clicks meaning more google adsense earnings.

If you are willing to improve your adsense earnings, then I implore you to allow text and based ads type.

3. Try These Three Ads Sizes

• 336 * 280

• 330 * 250

• 728 * 90

Not all ads sizes increase clicks.

Some have lower conversion rates and therefore irritates readers.

On the other hand, some ads boosts the number of clicks increasing ads revenue.

These ads size are not that special but shows differently and smartly to users.

These ads sizes are 336 * 280, 300*250, 729*90.

These ads sizes helps in making an addition to your blog. They look custom thereby increasing clicks.

Have they been tested before?

Yes they have been tested before by various people including me.

What performed best among those three for most people is 336*280.

Reason not well known, I wont act as if I have a reason while that ads size is performing better than the rest.

And I don’t think it is that important to you.

What is important to you is increasing your ads revenue which is what we are discussing here.

4. Use Red For Clicks

This is not my idea and I don’t have solid reason why this work. But I implement this too on my blog. I do not think it has much value rather than making the links attractive and easy to see.

Other reasons are left to be explained by colour experts.

What I will only say about this is that it seems to work but not all the time. Sometimes, you might want the background of your ads to blend with your blog background. The bottom line of everything is just to make it difficult for users to neglect the ads.

5. Block Low Paying Ads

This is something you must have seen all around in other blogs. But the question is about; how do you recognise low paying ads?

This is the right question to look into. If you are really interested in boosting your ads revenue, then how do you block low paying the ads?

This can be difficult to do, because does not give a metric of the CPC of each ads clicked neither does it break down the ads that resulted to your earnings.

It only gives the estimated amount you earned and the number of clicks on your ads.

The only way you can discover those ads with low CPC is to monitor it yourself.

To monitor the ads being displayed mostly on your blog, you can easily detect the virus killing your AdSense CPC.

But this will only be a guess.

But it can work out well if you place a close watch on ads mostly displayed on your blog.

6. Place Ads Below Post Title

This technique works like magic.

Many people do not read your content to the very end, but they cannot avoid reading your content headline.

Placing your ads below your title exposes to more impression and more clicks on it.

Presently, 70% of my ads revenue comes from ads placed below post title.

Doing this, you can almost double your ads earnings.

If you are already doing this, then try the next one.

7. Place Ads Above the Fold

Yes, this also works like charm.

I think I need to correct something, 70% of my ads earning comes from ads placed above the fold and below my post title.

Yes this is true.

Ads placed above the fold generate the highest number of impression and also a large number of clicks.

If you have not being doing this, then trying this will help you increase your ads revenue.

8. Keep Experimenting

It’s true that the tips and tricks given above works like charm in increasing your ads earnings.

But you might not have the same luck like I had.

And you will be wrong to think your present AdSense earning capacity is what your blog can provide.

There are better tips which you need to discover yourself.

Because what works for me might not work for you, and new ads are being run everyday.

What you have to do is to keep experimenting and trying new things that work out.

Because we all have different blogs, niche, theme and writing style.

My blog’s theme might not be able to support what your blog’s theme can support.

All you need to understand is how users interact with your website.

Knowing this, you can create a unique manual on how to increase AdSense revenue.

This means you can uncover what works well for you.

9. Start With This

It took me hours to write this, sitting down and typing for long. I would really appreciate if you would share this to your friends on social media.

That is the only way you contribute to this and yes, I love comment.

Comment only means you enjoyed this tip.

So let keep the comment rolling in.

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