25 Top Blogs in Nigeria 2020 [with Infographics]

Top blogs in Nigeria

Are you a blogger, who needs motivation? Are you a blogging and nerd looking for blogs to read?

In this post I have curated for you the list of top bloggers in Nigeria and I also have a similar list of richest bloggers in Nigeria. 
Whatever might be your reason for visiting this post, you will love this post.

Blogging is a powerful tool that can empower people and give them a command in their field. 

Blogging in Nigeria is not easy because there are a lot of challenges to be faced starting from power source, expensive internet services and a lot you more.

But some set of people have set themselves committed to their blog which has made them a force to reckon with in blogging.

The list of popular blogs in Nigeria is listed based on some criteria. If your blog worth being here and I missed it kindly comment with the link to your blog for review.

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    Top Blogs in Nigeria – The criteria for selection are

    • Traffic

    This is a major factor of selection of blogs as the high volume of traffic depicts how popular the blog is. 

    The monthly traffic is estimated through Alexa’s rank which is a metric site that ranks websites according to their estimated amount of traffic.

    • Comments

    This shows how interactive the blog is. There are blogs with high volume of traffic but is not interactive and therefore not loved by its readers.
    Comments show that your readers find your blog interesting and communicative.

    • Followers

    The number of followers you have; shows how much people love you and their interest in knowing you more.

    • Niche

    This is very important as the niche your blog is matter a lot. A blog can be in a niche with few monthly searches, that doesn’t mean the blog is not popular.

    It is just that the blog is popular in its own niche and not known in other niches but caters for its own audience.
    Enough of the story, let get to duty.

    Top Blogs In Nigeria  – Entertainment Niche

    Entertainment is the most sought after in the media ecosystem. So when listing blogs we should know that entertainment blogs should come first.
    So below is the list of entertainment blogs in Nigeria 2020.

    1. Bella Naija

    top blogs in Nigeria - Bella Naija

     website – bellanaija.com

    Bellanaija is one of the top blogs in Nigeria that discusses intersting things in an unusual way.

    The major reason I love and favour Bella naija is because of how interactive the blog is. Bella Naija has various sections on her blog such as wedding, celebrity news, gists and other lifestyle sections.

    This is a perfect lifestyle blog. Ensure you visit the blog as there are many things you will love about the blog ranging from the blog’s design, types of blog posts and very entertaining stuffs.

    2. Linda Ikejis Blog

    top blog - linda ikejis blog

    website – lindaikejisblog.com

    This is the leading top entertainment blog in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji is known as the most richest blogger in Nigeria which is as a result of the large amount of daily traffic are blog receives. Lindaikejisblog is very popular and controversial. 

    You would have been expecting to have it listed as the first blog but sorry to disappoint you. 

    Why I ranked it as the second most popular blog is because of its poor design and also not as interactive as Bella Naija.

    Linda Ikeji is a force to reckon with when it comes to blogging as she has shown how lucrative blogging can be in Nigeria.

    3. YabaLeftOnline

    website – yabaleftonline.ng

    This is one of the blogs with a lot of videos and controversial blog posts. This blog has a very humble beginning which is why I decided to add this to my list of popular blogs in Nigeria.

    YabaLeftOnline made it to the top 50 most visited blog in Nigeria on Alexa Rank. Yaba Left Online which a lot of people would have thought to be about yabatech news does not even do anything close to that. Just pure entertainment.

    YabaLeftOnline deserves to be here because it has a very beautiful design.

    4. YNaija

    website – ynaija.com
    Wonderful blog with a very nice and simple name, YNAIJA. This blog is a blog specifically for the youth. 

    This blog is not as popular as blogs like Lailasnews.com, but is a blog that has a clearly defined audience.

    5. Lailas Blog

    website – lailasblog.com
    Lailas blog is a force to reckon with. The blog was started and owned by a banker who later quitted her job to fully focus on blogging.

    This blog is very interactive because of the large number of comments on this blog. The other things you would love about this blog is its controversial posts.

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    Top Music Blogs

    The music niche has a very large audience which makes it easy to gather a large number of followers There are some big players in this niche and the list is below.

    6. Naija Loaded

    Top Blogs in Nigeria - NaijaLoaded blog

    website – naijaloaded.com.ng
    Naijaloaded is the major player in the music niche. The blog has a large audience and monthly visits above a million.

    The other thing unique about this blog is its design which I know you will love. NaijaLoaded also writes on entertainment news which makes the blog able to be on the top 20 most visited Nigeria websites.

    7. Tooxclusive

    website – tooxclusive.com
    Tooxclusive is a popular music blog in Nigeria. It is widely known for it easy and clean design. 

    Tooxclusive is one the top 50 most visited site in Nigeria which verifies the large number of traffic it receives every day. 

    Tooxclusive is a strong competitor of naijaloaded and also a very unique website.

    8. 9JaFlaver

    website – 9jaflaver.com

    9JaFlaver is a young site when compared to likes like naijaloaded. 9jaFlaver is known for its easy usability and clean web design. 

    9JaFlaver joined the list of fifty (50) most visited site in Nigeria as ranked by Alexa in the past five months. 

    The rapid increase in 9JaFlaver is because of the introduction of entertainment news alongside music download. Recently the website stopped using Google Adsense which means majority of the monthly incomes come from direct adverts and sponsored posts.

    9. BusySinging

    website – busysinging.com
    This site prides itself as the most popular gospel music website.  

    Busysinging is a very unique website which offers just and only Gospel songs including gospel sermons in audio and video form. 

    This is what carving your niche is all about. What makes it unique is its does not go out of the gospel stuffs.
    BusySinging is ranked 2,303 in Nigeria and ranked around 180,000 in global rank as at the time of writing this post. 

    When you visit busysinging, I am sure you will love their unique design.

    10. GospelSongsng

    Gospelsongsng is a gospel music blog as its name implies. It is one of my favourite gospel music blog. 

    Gospelsongsng is a place where you can download free gospel musics and latest gospel musics. GospelSongsNg is ranked 1,641 in Nigeria by alexa rank.

    Business Niche – Top Blogs in Nigeria

    11. WealthResult

    website – wealthresult.com
    Wealthresult is my favourite business blog. It covers articles ranging from business ideas, step by step guide to start a business, online businesses, to business plan. 

    The unique thing about wealthresult is that it as a forum which enables people to share their own ideas and seek advice from experts on wealthresult. 

    Wealthresult is a must visit for everyone interested in starting and running a business.

    12. StartuptipsDaily 

    website – startuptipsdaily.com
    Startuptipsdaily is a blog that specifies mainly on starting a business, growing the business and being your own boss. 

    Startuptipsdaily is a blog to visit daily for good tips and growth hacks for your business. 

    Startuptipsdaily is monetized through affiliate programs and services such as business plan writing.

    13. Invoice.ng

    website – invoice.ng
    Invoice.ng is a Nigerian blog that offer invoicing services and has a blog that caters business minded people, dishing out quality information on starting an online business and other business stuff. 

    Invoice.ng has a good design which makes its one of the best business blog.

    14. Oasdom

    Oasdom is a business blog that covers topics ranging from productivity hacks, inspirational posts, starting and running a business.  

    Oasdom does not have a massive traffic like other business blog on this list but has a unique identity. Oasdom blog’s design is wao and the posts on Oasdom is a quality post.

    15. Dayoadetiloye

    Dayoadetiloye is a business blog that covers topics ranging from starting a business, running a business and other technology topics. 

    This blog is a multi-niche blog but places more focus on the business niche.

    Tech Blogs in Nigeria

    Though Nigeria is still growing in technology and cannot yet be compared to developed countries, there are Nigerian own blogs that blog about the development in the tech ecosystem of Nigeria.

    The following are some the of the tech blogs in Nigeria

    16. NaijaTechGuide

    Naijatechguide is a popular technology blog that covers topics ranging from phone reviews to computer reviews to How-to posts.

    NaijaTechGuide is the most popular Nigerian technology blog. This blog is a must follow for phone lovers, gadget geek.

    17. TechCabal

    Top Blog in Nigeria - TechCabal

    website – techcabal.com

    Techcabal is a very popular tech blog in Nigeria that covers majorly technological news and startup news intervewing successful and newly established tech entrepreneur.

    Techcabal is one of my best technology blog to get updates in the tech industry and also find motivation from successful tech startups. 

    18. Ogbongeblog

    website -www.ogbongeblog.com

    Ogbongeblog is a technology blog that discusses topics ranging from how-to posts to blogging tutorials and software reviews. 

    Ogbongeblog prides itself as the best Nigerian blog for blogging tutorials. Ogbongeblog is a blog for aspiring bloggers.

    19. PhoneCorridor

    PhoneCorridor is a technology blog that cover topics ranging from phone reviews as its name implies to PC reviews and how-to posts. 

    PhoneCorridor is a strong competitor of NaijaTechGuide.

    20. Techlector

    Techlector is a technology blog that focuses on technology news, how-to posts, gadget reviews, etc. 

    Techlector is popular globally because its gets a lot of traffic from international countries. Techlector also has a wonderful blog design.

    TOP Multi-Niche Blogs

    21. Legit

    Legit is the most popular multi-niche blog in Nigeria. It is ranked 7th in Nigeria by Alexa rank. 
    It is one of the top blogs in Nigeria

    Legit has been accused several times for copyright infringement but still hold its position as the most visited multi-niche blog in Nigeria. 

    Legit was formerly known as Naij before it was changed; which I think is due to its warning from Google.

    22. Pulse.ng

    Pulse.ng is a popular news blog in Nigeria. Pulse covers all topics centered around Nigeria and also prides itself in business news.

    23. NigerianFinder

    Nigerianfinder is a multi-niche blog that covers all topics that concerns Nigeria. It is ranked 339 in Nigeria by Alexa rank. 

    Nigerianfinder is a popular blog that covers all topics centered around Nigeria.

    24. Informationng

    Informationng is a multi-niche blog which covers news, lifestyle topics and other topics for the Nigeria audience. 

    Informationng is a strong competitor of Nigerianfinder and also ranks well on alexa rank.

    25. InfoGuideNigeria

    InfoGuideNigeria is a multi-niche blog that covers topics centered around Nigeria. InformationGuide Nigeria is owned by Ifiokobong, a certified blogger and digital marketer. 

    He hires a good number of writers to work on creating high quality content for his blog.

    Top Educational Blogs In Nigeria

     26. MySchoolGist

    website – http://myschoolgist.com
    Myschoolgist is the most popular education blog in Nigeria. It covers topics ranging on school updates; post UTME past questions, and school gist. 

    MyschoolGist is a very unique educational blog because it is updated on daily basis with latest information

    27. MySchool.ng

    website – www.myschool.ng

    Myschool is a popular education blog in Nigeria. It is a very unique blog with a forum for students to help one another and a CBT web app to practice past questions on various examinations.

    Inspiration Blogs in Nigeria

    I am yet to see any inspirational blog in Nigeria, but we hope to make Gurus Coach the best inspirational blog and business blog in Nigeria

    How Do Bloggers Make Money Blogging in Nigeria?

    There are various ways bloggers do make money blogging. I have written a post on how to make money blogging, you can check it out.
    • AdSense – this is an ads network that displays ads on your site and pays you per click and impression. You can read my AdSense guide to learn more.
    • Affiliate Marketing – You promote other people’s product and get a commission per sale.
    • Sponsored Post – People pay you to write a promotional post on your blog
    • Sell a Product – do you have a product? then sell it to your readers

    In the list of popular blogs in Nigeria, there are various lessons to learn from them for aspiring bloggers and bloggers hoping to make ground in their blogging career.

    The lessons from these blogs listed above are:

    • Consistency is key

    When starting a blog, there are so many things you might find difficult such as writing blog posts every day. 

    In fact I also face this writers block when writing a blog post. But in order to hit the ground in your blogging career and build your traffic, you need to be consistent with your posting calendar. 

    Consistency is the key to a successful blogs. All the blogs listed here are consistent in writing blog posts every day while some write everyweek.

    This consistency is the answer to the success of their blog.

    • Investment is Important

    In order to build a successful blog, you need to invest both your time and money in order to speed up the growth of your blog. 

    Some of these blogs hire content writers to write their blog posts which free them of the stress of writing alone.

    • Patience is what you need

    Patience is very important in online businesses. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, so exercise patience and be driven by passion.

    • Accept Guest Posts on Your Blogs

    The truth is you cannot write all your guest posts yourself if you need to grow your blog as possible. 

    Accepting guest post on your blog will help you in the long run. Many of these blogs accept guest posts which help them to keep their blog updated and their audience engaged.

    • Quality Content still remain King

    Quality content is very important to the success of your blogs. When writing, ensure you cover every question you think might be bothering your audience and make your content unique. 

    The truth is that there is no 100% unique content, many of our writings are always inspired from someone’s write up. 

    But ensure you try your possible best to pass your message to your reader in your blog post.

    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is Queen

    Yes, SEO is queen. If you have written the best content on a topic and have failed to optimize it for search engine then you have just wasted that good content. The queen is to be a support to the king.

    After writing the unique content, you hit the publish button and expect traffic to start 
    trooping in.

    You have only completed 30% of the task, the main work is to optimize your post for search engine and keep sharing to social networks to drive traffic to your content.

    You Can Always Make Money Blogging In Nigeria

    This is also an interesting part is that blogging is now a career or better still a profession to make money with. So, if you are a blogger, I challenge you to think of your blog as a businesss and not just a hobby or passion. Yes, you have to be passionate about it in order to succeed.


    The list of popular blogs can continue as there are many popular blogs which I have missed. 

    But the main truth here is you cannot list popular blogs according to their traffic alone but have to give reverence to the number of comments on the blogs, the blog’s design and other factors that matter.

    Nothing good comes easy. To build a successful blog, you need to work very hard to consistently update your blog.

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    I wish you best of luck in your blogging career.

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